Art Now Factory

Thirty years of art dealing is the foundation and what made the new art producer Art Now Factory. It started with a small gallery at Drottninggatan…
Imagine yourself to be invited to this small unknown gallery in the early eighties and that they would display original art of the the following artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s and Andy Warhol’s original “Children Paintings”. In the early eighties these artist were already well-known around the world but the their original work was not only in the hands of museums and billionaires. As a guest at the exhibition you were actually able to buy some of their best original works for prices a hundred times less than today. Gallery Zero continued through the years to show artists like Josef Albers, Armand, Robert Mangold, Olle Bærtling and Öyvind Fahlström. The vision was to always be in the frontline of modern art movements.

The vision of Art Now Factory is to be able to use all this experience and knowledge and apply it to art-lovers, collectors and customers of today. On the Art Now Factory website there are already three new gifted artists on display. The three are Lior Ron, Richard Ryan and Lars Tunebo.
The Tel Aviv based artist Lior Ron is represented with ten silkscreen prints depicting the theme of sensuality and passion.
Richard Ryan presents 26 graphic silkscreen prints depicting his own interpretation on various themes; pop art, modern urban cities and fashion.
The Swedish artist Lars Tunebo presents six hand-coloured serigraphs on the theme childhood.

Our vision and hope is that the customer will find inspiration and guidance that will make decisions of art purchasing, producing or selling an easy and pleasant task. You are most welcome to contact us on all matters concerning art.

Lars Blumenthal