1991 Art Now Factory, Gotheburg (Sweden)
1992 Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentuna (Sweden)
1994 Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentuna (Sweden)
1995 Galleri Ferm, Gotheburg (Sweden)
1999 Fifth Floor Galleri, Gothenburg (Sweden)
1999 Galleri Agaard, Stockholm (Sweden)
2001 A-Gallery, Gotheburg (Sweden)
2002 Los Narajos, Marbella (Spain)
2006 Schomburg Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
2007 Elite Plaza, Stockholm (Sweden)
2007 One Man Show, Monte Carlo (Monaco)
2008 Art Nordic, Gothenburg (Sweden)


Born1962 in LYSEKIL, Sweden.

Established as an conceptual artist since 1989.

“What attracts me is to capture the unique in what others call the obvious, and twist it so that we are able to see it again with newborn eyes”

My foremost tool as an artist is the courage to dare to work from the heart. Many artists of today are afraid of working with what is obviously beautiful and decorative as they believe that it might make them appear to banal and naive.
For me that’s great because this is were I want to be and how find the nerve in my work. It´s so easy to provoke the critics by choosing only do things that would be interpreted as mere decorative and beautiful. Ugliness and beauty are two forbidden concept in modern society. It’s a privilege to be able to choose this as a language for all my artistic visions.
In my latest project “Childhood” I'm searching for the core of archetypes and symbols that attracts us as children as well as grown ups. These are the symbols that help us to translate and navigate our surroundings and they will stay with us for as long as we live.