2000 Artlink/Sotheby’s International Young Artist Group Exhibition, Tel Aviv (Israel), Chicago (USA) & Wien (Austria)
2001 Woo-Duk Gallery, International Illustration Group Exhibition, Seoul (South Korea)
2001 Selart Gallery, Stockholm (Sweden)
2002 A-Gallery, Göteborg (Sweden)
2004 Lombardo Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
2005 Bull Parade Exhibition for Israel Stock Exchange Celebrations, Tel Aviv (Israel)
2005 Crip Gallery, Tel Aviv (Israel)
2006 Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)


Born 1971 in Haifa, Israel.

active as a painter and artist since 1999.

“I love to capture women in that unconscious moment where they just transcend into pure beauty in both mental and physical sense”

Some say that I made it easy for myself by choosing to devote myself entirely to the art of presenting the female beauty in my canvases. After all it is in the human nature for both men and women to desire the natural beauty of the female figure. Well true in a way, but to reach above thousands of art-pieces in traditional art-history as well as raw erotic fantasies in other fields I had to challenge my own ability to see and present also what lies beneath the smooth surface of the skin. There are emotions and ambitions hidden in every posture of my studies. There is a silent agreement and a ongoing dialogue between me and my models which on my best days I manage to transfer in to the painting. My hope is that someone watching should feel as I felt in that exact moment of the creation. Someone sensitive might even see how the models in the pictures looks backs and studies them as well. My naked eye translating the clothed or unclothed truth and mystery of the modern women.