Santiago born and Scandinavian based, artist Richard Ryan began as a photographer in Stockholm, Sweden and with a passion for mixed-use prints, he quickly developed a way to integrate both photography and art to combine the best of both worlds. Ryan began with developing motifs suitable for the silkscreen medium and created his first portfolio, Homage á Warhol in 2005. Six years and seven art portfolios later the artist continues to develop a strong and recognizable artistic identity. His graphic works have reached a large audience of art-collectors in Scandinavia. Richard Ryan currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

2005 “Homage á Warhol, 3 silkscreen prints.
2007 “The Manhattan Art Portfolio,
12 silkscreen prints.


Born 1974 in Santiago de Chile.

Active as a conceptual artist and photographer since 1996.

“Arts true moment lies in the making of a great decision. Then how to apply it, with great craftsmanship or extremely individual methods, is secondary as seen in a historic context”

Evolving as a artist as well as a human is a constant battle between conscious and unconscious sources. Most of us would like to think of ourselves as genuine individuals with self invented sources, but there is no way around our unconscious gathering of found and stolen mental notes. Many of us find a genuine self because of the huge amount of different sources that went trough our minds. Inspiration is a beautiful word for stealing. Andy Warhol was a master of that art. He was the mentor of a whole generation of artists poets and writers taught well in the skills of stealing and copying before forcing their own identity into the concept. I love to say that vision and decision makes something to stand out as art, but there is a third factor, the context. The fixed historical position of a decision and its physical reaction in time. If we remove the context from pop-art there is not much left... or is there? The context is created or it is vaporized as we speak. The context is often created together with a totally unpredictable unforeseen historical event later recognized as a movement.,.. surrealists, dada, futuristic and so on. Rarely the artist is able to create his own context or put a label on to it. Many artist though vainly believes so or tries… fascinating.




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